Service Overview

Peter Mair Associates provides a full complement of commercial and residential construction services to a highly discerning clientele. These services include planning and consulting and management services to support the construction project. Preconstruction services include estimates and budgeting, surveying, engineering, architecture, permitting and more.

Site Surveys

We also offer consultancy and advisory services and site surveys, along with a wide array of tools to help our clients achieve their goals. We are a full service contracting institution which provides complete studies of projects and can build from grass root level to turn key projects as per clients requirements.

Construction Management

Tear-Down Or New Build

From an empty plot of land to a complete tear-down and rebuild, from the ground up, if it can be built, we can do it. We’re here to make your dream a reality.


So your new office/house is perfect! Now what? We have interior design specialists ready to assist you with every selection—all the way down to the carpet you place in your office or the bath towels. As a contractor offers a unique perspective on the project, so too does the interior designer.


From the development of basic sketches or simple plans for over-the-counter permits, to a full construction build-set that details every item in your project, all the way down to the light-switch… this is true design.

On-Site Supervision

Our construction site supervision services can be complemented with comprehensive quality control services. This guarantees that the materials used, all equipment and systems are of good quality, function well and conform to the standards.