Service Overview

There are a lot of moving parts involved with preparing a building for construction. With the help of our seasoned experts and world class technology, drafting building’s plans to site prep and surveys, is a smooth accelerated process.

Discuss your project plans with one of our experts today in a thorough professional consultation.

Site Surveys

We offer consultancy and advisory services in addition to site surveys. Combined with a wide array of tools, we help make your dreams a reality. We are a full service customized contracting institution which provides complete studies of projects and can build from grass root level to turn key projects.

Services include

3D Drafting

We can maximize the potential of your land property. Our 3D drafting technology will take you on an accurate virtual tour of your completed home. This process can take between 2-6 weeks.

Building Bid

Our experts create an organized list of finishes based on your ideal construction plans.  An honest assessment and the best bid possible for your project is provided.

Site Preparation

Time to break ground on your dream home! Prompt and professional service is guaranteed throughout the pre-construction period. Furthermore, we will secure the necessary permits to start building in the shortest amount of time.

Foundation Laid

Enjoy dedicated workmanship in all facets of laying the slab, including pouring, termite checks, and setting forms, beams, plumbing and electrical work.